How to Connect Speakers To The Vinyl Player

At first, glance, connecting a turntable to an active or passive speaker system doesn’t seem too difficult. In this text, we will explain exactly how to connect your setup so that your turntable performs at its best.

Amplifier or powered speakers

Do you want to connect your turntable directly to your speakers? In this case, you need active speakers. They are equipped with a built-in amplifier. If you have passive speakers, which are considered the best speakers for vinyl, you will need an external amplifier or turntable with a built-in amplifier, but this is quite rare. Usually, active speakers have a volume control located on the rear panel. Bluetooth speakers also fall into this category and allow you to connect a turntable to it without using an external amplifier.


Vinyl players require a dedicated phono stage to play the recordings correctly. Most models have a built-in preamplifier. If you have a turntable without a phono stage, you can connect it to a phono amplifier or buy an external phono stage.

Turntable with built-in phono stage

If the word “line” appears on the back of your turntable, it means that it has a built-in phono stage and you can easily connect it to a modern amplifier or powered speaker set. This type of turntable is very easy to use: all you have to do is connect the devices using a red and white RCA cable and you’re done.

The player without built-in phono stage

If you have such a turntable, you will need to purchase an external phono stage. This device will become a link between the speakers and the turntable, as it converts the signal from the turntable into an acceptable power for the speakers. You only need to connect the turntable to the phono stage using RCA cables. Then Connect the phono stage to the amplifier using RCA cables. Finally, connect the amplifier to the speakers.